About Me

Hi! I'm Zheanna, a 25 year old trans-woman with extensive background in music, acoustics, voice, education, and linguistics. I have a Bachelors degree in Music Composition. Two years ago, when I came out, I was creating music education resources for my private students. I would spend hours building a video, only to paralyzed by the sound of my own voice.

I started my own voice training two years ago. Through multi-disciplinary research, practice, and working with other voice researchers and transpeople, I have developed my understanding about gender in voice. In January 2017, I took on my first trans-voice students and today I have the pleasure of working with dozens of trans-women across the world.

I'm constantly learning while I teach, finding more efficient ways to present the techniques and developing my knowledge along the way. I find great meaning in empowering other trans-women to be confident in using their voice in all ways. I'd love to work with you and learn from your voice!